The Team 2018
Our team who serve the Newmachar community and surrounding areas 


Another amazing donation, £1;500 presented by Ann and Frank Philips. The money was donated to us following the folding of Grampian Junior Bowling Association. Both Frank and Ann have been active members of the club and although disappointed that the Club they have helped develop over the years had to dissolve, They gave considerable consideration to which charities they would donate the money to. We were one of many charities that received a donation from Frank and Ann and we are extremely grateful for this mammoth cheque.

Handmade by Hazel has kindly offered to donate 10% of all profits generated from printed t shirts and sweatshirts over November / December , you can visit the Facebook page by clicking the photo above.

The Co-op Local Community Fund is now open for members to choose and give their 1% to Newmachar First Responders. This funding period is for 11 months until the 27 October 2018

Successful BLS (Basic life support) training carried out at New Dyce medical practice in connection with the sandpiper trust. Thanks to the admin team (pictured above) for taking part and also to Lorna and Keri of sandpiper trust for there continued support and dedication.

Breakfast with Santa @ Beekies

Thanks again to Paul , Staff and family for making such a success of Breakfast with Santa, the responders are proud to work with beekies to deliver such a successful morning. Beekies neuk is a valued  supporter of the Newmachar first responders and have donated a considerable amount over the years. Thank you for your continued support. 

New vehicle

The responders have taken delivery of their new vehicle last week, the Ford Kuga is a huge improvement in terms of functionality for the responders , having a quick clear windscreen , automatic tail gate , uprated headlights and 4 x 4 capability for those upcoming winter months this will undoubtedly enhance response times. This vehicle is seen a a community commitment to providing quick emergency care when needed. This has all been possible due to the generosity of the community and local businesses.

Patient shares experience 

I came across the Newmacher first responders after crashing my bike on the backroads to Newmacher. I was lying in the middle of the road and could not move due to what I later found out to be was a broken hip.  A kind passer by called 999 for me and within minutes the first responders were on the scene. They were able to move me to the side of the road, offer me comfort and blankets until the paramedics arrived 10-20 minutes later. After helping me make the painful move into the ambulance I noticed that they sat at the end of the road for 30 minutes to keep the road safe and clear until the ambulance left. 

The responders even went beyond the call of duty and took my bike home with , keeping it secure for me until a friend could pick it up a few days later. 

Until my accident I had never ever heard of the first responders so when they arrived I just presumed it was the paramedics. If the did not exist then id have been 20+ minutes on the side of the road, getting very cold before the paramedics arrived.  I hope these comments can raise awareness of the invaluable service they provide.

Owen Designs Winning Band 

Congratulations to Owen on producing the winning band design. Out of hundreds of designs Owens stood out to the responders. The band was then manufactured and is now available for sale at a cost of £1. Owens winning band was unveiled at an assembly where he was awarded with his prize of £ 30 voucher.
On show was also the equipment that has been purchased in connection with the community defibrillator project. Special thanks to the school and wider community for supporting this event.

Defibrillator equipment now purchased

We have now purchased the equipment for the community defibrillator project , 2 x Zoll A.E.D and 1x Turtle engineering all weather cabinet. We will now be moving on to the roll out phase and hope to have the defibrillator sited in its new home within the next month. We are still looking at potential sites for the equipment and hope to also have this finalised in the coming weeks.

Responders Receive thank you from local resident 

" I would like to thank Newmachar First Responders for their invaluable help on the 1st of January. Without them my wife might not be here to bend my ear about the ironing or the incessant rain. When no one else was near they took over and made a very bad situation so much better. Thank you all, not just those on duty that night, but all those who volunteer to keep us safe. Unseen unless you need them, quietly standing by , thank you all.


On the 21st December 2015 Newmachar responders held an "Action Annie" challenge in partnership with newmachar primary school , Teaching staff and children were tasked to preform continuous C.P.R on "Annie" for the length of the school day, the day was hailed as a huge success raising awareness of healthy lifestyles and lifesaving skills , in addition to this £1623.89 was raised to fund the community defibrillator project. It is always a pleasure to work in partnership with Newmachar school and we would like to extend our thanks to the school for allowing us to hold such events.


We are the Newmachar Community First Responders , we serve our community on a voluntary basis attending emergency 999 calls in partnership with the Scottish Ambulance Service.

We are an independent charity and rely fully on the support of the local community and business to sustain our operations on a day to day basis.

All our volunteers are trained by Scottish ambulance service staff and are trained to the First Person On Scene (FPOS) Programme.

We mainly attend life critical calls where every second counts 

  • Cardiac arrests
  • Seizures
  • Stroke
  • Breathing difficulties 
  • Choking  


Community Defibrillator 

The community defibrillators are now fully operational within the community , with one being situated inside the Axis centre and the main 24hr access defibrillator situated outside the Newmachar fish bar , kindly supported by John Booth. 

To obtain access code,dial 999 and the operator will guide you on how to gain access to equipment.

Would you feel 100% confident on how to use the defibrillator ? If the answer is NO we can help you by providing training in the use of this either at  a  pre arranged sessions or a private one to one session in the comfort of your own home , to book this please use the contact us link now.